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From Xi'an to Mecca : The Road to Hajj – China.

>> Thursday, April 1, 2021

From Xi'an to Mecca : The Road to Hajj 2018 – China. Video.
From Xi'an to Mecca : The Road to Hajj – China. Aug 22, 2018
Al Jazeera follows Muslim pilgrims from around the world as they prepare to undertake the Hajj pilgrimage. The ancient Chinese city of Xi'an is home to the famous terracotta army and was at the very centre of Chinese civilisation during the Tang dynasty from 618 to 907.

It is also home to about 60,000 ethnic Chinese Muslims and boasts 1,300 years of Islamic history. Proud of their Islamic heritage and their country's traditions, the Muslims of Xi'an have merged their own ancient Chinese culture with Islam, remaining faithful to the central tenets of their religion.

'Lifetime's responsibility' Forty-six-year-old Ma Yi Ping is well-known within Xi'an's Muslim community. One of the ten imams at the city's Great Mosque, he also owns a small shop selling Islamic calligraphy in the city's Muslim quarter and acts as a religious teacher for those about to embark on the Hajj pilgrimage.

"I was born into a devout Muslim family and I'm the only child. I started studying Quran since I was young. I was told that I should devote myself to Islam as well as [to] the Muslim people and contribute to the peace of our society, to our country," Ma says. "When I was a kid my father sent me to an imam's place to learn the Quran.

At that time it was forbidden for children to study in the mosque because of the political pressure brought by the 'Gang of Four'. All religions were affected badly.

" China's Communist party closed all of the country's mosques in 1959 and during the 1966 Cultural Revolution, more than 29,000 mosques were destroyed.

Ma was 16 years old when the mosques re-opened and he became an imam.

"As an imam, it's my lifetime responsibility to promote Islam," he says. Ma first went on Hajj in 1994 and has been again several times since. Unlike in Singapore and Malaysia, there are no elaborate preparations that the Chinese Muslims undertake.

Ma helps to guide his pilgrims and teaches them some special prayers to perform while in Mecca. "I want to help the Chinese Muslims as they are very pious. The only problem they face is that they are not familiar with all the religious activities [that take place] during the Hajj, since they are not done locally.

Unlike in some other countries, the Chinese pilgrims do not receive any special government subsidies to help cover the cost of performing Hajj.

The less well off often save for years to be able to afford it. 'Reinforcing faith' For Xi'an's wealthier Muslims, like Jia Hong, who owns a successful fried rice restaurant in the heart of the Muslim quarter, performing Hajj is a matter of coordination and timing.

On the day of departure, the Xi'an central train station is full of those saying goodbye to their friends and relations. Each pilgrim has a send-off party of about 30 to 70 people. Managing the thousands-strong crowd is one of the biggest challenges facing the city's authorities.



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